Many of our clients come to us to help them navigate through the many paths of the construction industry.  Having 23 years experience in the new home and renovation industry we have a desire to help people achieve their building dreams. 

Reasons you might want to employ our services

  • prompt reply to questions asked about building code, design, renovation questions, trade expectation, general inquiries about building and how to questions.
  • you have a desire to be your own general contractor, but have a few questions
  • you are experiencing an unusual situation with your build such as high water table, zoning issues, or unusual ground conditions and would like to have some information
  • you need a liason between your general contractor and yourself
  • you are interested in an ICF foundation
  • you have a question about your septic system
  • you have choosen a few stock plans that you like, but are wondering how you could combine them to meet your families needs
  • to understand what makes some homes with less square footage more expensive than other homes with more square footage…find out how to build with the most bang for your buck
  • you desire to build with confidence, have a timeline personalized for your ‘build’ and have someone there to answer your questions so you can be your own general contractor with confidence

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