Pre Planning and Design… you have found a few stock plans from sites on the internet, but you would just like to ‘change’ them a little to meet your families needs.  Or maybe you have designed your own home and would like an evaluation from a professional standpoint on some of the design or structural challenges.   You might like to build your own house but do not even know where to start in the design phase…how do you choose a plan? What are the advantages of ranches to two storeys?….Will this even be build-able in your budget?     You have questions about how to build ‘green’ and what changes to blueprints that would require.   We like to see our clients meet the financial goals of their build by having clear answers on how much the house will cost and what they need to do to meet their budget. 

On the Road to Building!   So you have a design, but now you have to get the actual blueprints and start to navigate the world of permits, sub-trades and the many choices that need to be made at this stage.  There are many times situations arise that have a simple solution but in the time crunch of the moment costly decisions are made.  Foundation issues because of ground conditions, framing questions and what to expect from your trades.  It is at this stage that choosing the best building products for your families needs are decided, sometimes having the ability to ‘pick the brains’ of the professionals can save you thousands of dollars in materials or mistakes. 

 Build It!  You have started into the world of building and it is going well…but you have hit a few snags.  Maybe you have a general contractor who you have hired and have a few questions about what his contractual obligations are for your home.  We also are able to be  a liaison between your builder and yourself…if things have not gone according to plan. It is at this phase that you might have questions about the inspection timeline and what to expect from the inspections themselves.  Having a few questions answered helps you arrive to your meetings and  inspections with confidence.  We also provide a service that allows you to be the general contractor and we partner along side you as the project co-ordinator to guide you in this process allowing you to save money and yet avoid costly mistakes.


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