The Coaching Process

What to expect:

In order to facilitate the most cost-effective means of communication, I will send you a brief discovery document that narrows down how we can help you and set a time for a phone consultation.  We will review it and be prepared so we can be of the most help to you.

Depending on the package that you choose the following will vary:

  • one time phone consultation:  we will review the discovery document and have the information prepared so that we can best answer your questions.  We are there to listen and answer to as many of the questions that you have about your building or design project within your chosen timeline package.
  • design review and planning:  if you would like a review done on your existing plans or renovation ideas or maybe you have found 2 stock plans that you like but want some advise on how to combine them.  You might want to know if the plans you have chosen are on the more expensive or conservative side of building and how to fit them into your family budget.  We would start by having a discovery document sent to you, which will guide us in narrowing down what direction you would like to go in.  After we have received the document along with a pdf or link to the home designs you are looking at, we will review them and then set up a time for us to have a phone consultation discussing the review. 
  • owner built/project co-ordinator:  You are building your own house and are liking the chance to save money by being your own general contractor but you have questions about permits,  inspections, trade expectations and code requirements.  You would like to arrive at your meetings with confidence and have a clear direction for timeline.  We would start the process with a discovery document that will give us a clear direction of your project and how we best can serve you.  You will have the option of two/ one hour phone consultations a week and 15 email consults weekly.  You will also be emailed,  What To Expect This Week, a guide that gives direction on inspections and trades during each phase of the build, and helpful hints for that stage as well. Your personal coach will be there to guide you each week with any areas of difficulties that you encounter, giving you confidence to build your own house.
  •  owner/builder liaison: we will send you a discovery document that will give us  a clear picture in what problems that you are experiencing and how we best can help.  We will set up a phone consult and in that meeting we will help to resolve the issue at hand.  Sometimes a third-party can help to bring a resolution to a misunderstanding that will then facilitate a smoother building process for all involved. 
  • general contractor:  You are thinking about hiring a general contractor to build your house and you are in Southern Ontario.  We will send you a discovery document that helps us meet your needs.  We would then meet and go over the building process with you.

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